Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2019 - Page 8

Page 21. “Innovation Belt” in the making? United under the brand ‘Helsinki Ring of Industry,’ the ten municipalities around the Helsinki Metro- politan Area are attracting significant players from e.g. fields of hi- tech, manufacturing and logistics – and they’re just warming up. Oulu, the “Capital of the Northern Scandinavia,” is actively pursu- ing its City Centre 2040 vision. Oulu is increasing its downtown appeal by e.g. adding verticality, residential development and ser- vices – as well as retooling the railway station and its surround- ings. Pages 24–25. 04 Editorial 10 The Rise of the Cities – Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori discusses metropolitan momentum 16 Corridors Go Digital – Logistics seek new service-driven pipelines to re-energize the industry 21 Helsinki Ring of Industry keeps attracting smart companies 22 Story of Growth – City of Järvenpää is the fastest growing city in Finland 24 Oulu pushes growth via verticality, sustainability and culture 26 Shopping centers pivot towards experience and community 32 AINOA leads the commercial comeback in Tapiola 34 Senate spearheads urban development in key locations across Finland 8 Nordicum