Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2019 - Page 52

lights will feel connected to the city through JKMM’s carefully considered views open- ing out to the street-level above. The archi- tects felt it to be especially important for vis- itors to experience a sense of place, to feel located in a specific part of the city, even when they are six meters below ground. From a museum design point of view, the structure of the large domed skylights has enabled JKMM to shape a column-free 2,200 square meter exhibition hall. There is no doubt that curators will find this a delight- fully flexible space in which to mount exhi- bitions. Asmo Jaaksi comments that integrat- ing one of Finland’s architecturally pioneer- ing 1930s buildings – Lasipalatsi – as part of the Amos Rex project was “a moving expe- rience”. “By adding a bold new layer to Lasi- palatsi, we feel we are connecting past with present.” Ode to Books A stone’s throw (or two) away from Amos Rex, we find Helsinki Central Library Oodi which opened on 5 December 2018, on Inde- pendence Day eve. Oodi, a winner of a past architectural competition, is a striking build- ing with its glass and steel structures and wooden facade, its design a combination of traditional and contemporary flavors. The energy-efficient library is an impressive call- ing card for Finnish architecture and fits its surroundings like a glove. ALA Architects is responsible for the architectural planning. Antti Nousjoki from ALA Architects observes that Oodi will be “one of the freest buildings” in Helsinki (or even in the Nordic Countries) where the vis- itor can do many things and take initiative in what they want to do. “Oodi is a constantly learning and developing tool for those living in or visit- ing Helsinki,” Nousjoki says. Culture Superhub The library building in the heart of Hel- sinki consists almost entirely of public space and will offer a wide selection of ser- vices, becoming the new central point for the city’s impressive public library network. The design divides the functions of the library into three distinctive levels: an active ground floor, a peaceful upper floor, and an enclosed in-between volume containing more specific functions. This concept has been developed into an arching form that invites people to utilize the spaces and services underneath, inside and on top of it. The resulting building is truly an inspiring and highly functional addi- tion to the urban life of Helsinki and the Töölönlahti area. l Sami J. Anteroinen 52 Nordicum