Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2019 - Page 51

Going Deep The entrance to Amos Rex is through Lasi- palatsi (“glass palace”), a distinguished 1930s Functionalist pavilion comprising restaurants, shops, the Bio Rex cinema and an open square behind it. All the newbuild gallery spaces of Amos Rex, however, are underground. “It was really the only viable option for us to go underground,” explains Jaaksi. JKMM worked with the City planners to determine how Lasipalatsi Square would remain as an important civic space within Helsinki while also allowing the public to enjoy Amos Rex’s only visible new built elevation, its roofscape. The solution came in the form of highly sculptural roof lights that also address the challenge of bringing daylight into the subterranean exhibition spaces. The roof lights create a new topog- raphy, their gently rolling forms playing on the idea of an urban park in keeping with the integrity of the square. “This way we’re not totally filling up the square with new construction, and, on the other hand, are letting people know of the museum’s existence in some manner,” Jaaksi says. Let There Be Light Inside the gallery spaces, visitors looking up to the generous steel-framed concrete sky- Nordicum 51