Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2019 - Page 49

D esigned by Finnish architects JKMM, Amos Rex opened its doors in August – and found a seemingly endless line of people on the sidewalk waiting to get in. Months later, the situation is still the same: people are queuing up to get the goods on the cultural newcomer. Principle architect Aimo Jaaksi says that the museum has really mobilized large numbers of people; and, to boot, also inter- national media has been swooning about the museum, with such stalwart players as BBC and The Guardian tipping their hat to the project. “There was something here that has just clicked right away,” says Jaaksi, while admitting to being a “little surprised” by the museum’s popularity. As the first ten weeks saw 140,000 visitors to the museum – a new record in Finland – it is clear that Jaaksi and his crew have really hit a homerun with this one. Nordicum 49