Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2019 - Page 20

Silk Road Relaunch One dimension of CaaS is the Nordic Silk- way CaaS project, an ecosystem which reaches all the way to China. Vediafi, the first CaaS services operator is teaming up with Trafi and regional development com- pany Kouvola Innovation (Kinno) to push the “new Silk Road” – running from Finnish Southeast city of Kouvola to Chinese city of Xi’an – into the next level. Project Manager Matti Lankinen from Vediafi explains that the idea is to create a digital marketplace where transport can flow more efficiently, quickly and economically. “The cooperation with Kouvola Inno- vation opens up new logistical opportunities for rail services between Kouvola and Xi’an and for increased trade between Europe and Asia via Finnish land, air and sea routes,” says Lankinen. Ecosystem Emerging Juha Kenraali notes that the Corridor as a Service ecosystem enables the utilization of logistics chain data flows and improve- ments to goods logistics through a joint eco- system that covers both the public and pri- vate sector. 20 Nordicum “The ecosystem also offers the oppor- tunity for developing current and new busi- ness activities, improving goods transport, and networking within a shared ecosystem,” says Kenraali. Specialist Mika Lammi from Kouvola Innovation adds that Kinno brings to the pro- ject a service through which goods traveling between Kouvola and Xi’an can be trans- ported by rail utilizing digital services. “China’s growth centers offer abun- dant opportunities for Finnish trade and industry,” Lammi believes. No Guts, No Glory Digitalization and ecosystems are very much part of the Futures report of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, published in June 2018. Harri Pursiainen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, comments that future transport need “an even bolder vision” in which Finland will be a global hub for the mobility of people, goods and data. The Futures review assesses the future prospects and action points in the transport and communications sectors on the basis of four themes: services, data, climate and networks. The report finds that restoration of the current transport network – and construction of new routes that would serve the entire Europe – will call for significant additional investments. The Ministry and Transport Agency calculate the growth-boosting trans- port costs to amount as much as EUR 60 bil- lion during the next ten years. However, while the annual financing of transport investments in the state budget has been, on average, around EUR 450 mil- lion, the implementation of future transport projects using the current spending limits would take more than 130 years. Challenges Remain According to the report, the repair debt of the transport network is worth EUR 2.5 billion and it must be reduced. The level of appro- priations for the basic transport infrastruc- ture has a direct influence on the amount of the repair debt. The requirement for emission reduc- tions in transport is also very substantial. Finland is committed to halving the 2005 level of transport emissions by 2030. The country’s aim is that transport will be car- bon-free by 2045. l Sami J. Anteroinen