Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2019 - Page 19

“We promote an enabling environment and those measures which can lead to the creation of new digital services and busi- ness models,” explains Kenraali. Finland’s competitive position in the advancement of international logis- tics is being promoted through cooperation between the public and private sector. “For example, VTT is very keen to participate in the project,” says Project Manager Lasse Nykänen from VTT. “VTT is very interested in the integra- tion into digitalized logistics of new operat- ing models and technologies which support networking and transport automation – and also in the growing business activities that they enable,” says Nykänen. This means, for example, that prioritized passage can be given to truck convoys, thus increasing delivery reliabil- ity and providing time savings of over 10% at traffic lights, border crossings and road toll points. Nordicum 19