Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2019 - Page 18

Mobility keeps reinventing itself. While killer apps and paradigm-busting concepts are shaping especially urban/personal transport, it’s worthwhile to consider also the growth corridors for goods. A new concept under that name Corridor as a Service (CaaS) has been developed in order to improve logistics through digital services so that Finland can become a world-class logistics hub for tomorrow’s cargo. Enabling Innovation Trafi Director Juha Kenraali comments that Finland has the opportunity to become a true international hub in this field. 18 Nordicum C orridor as a Service is coordinated by Traffic Lab, an experimental project launched by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, and devel- oped together with Technical Research Cen- tre VTT, startup company Vediafi, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi and other organizations belonging to the CaaS Con- sortium. The goal of the new operating model is to improve ground-breaking logistics in a business-led manner in order to facilitate international commerce. For companies, this approach offers opportunities for develop- ing both currently existing and new forms of business activities, and for improving trans- port operations and for networking.