Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 7

SRV is set to realise ambitious Deck and Arena project in Tampere, introducing a new type of hybrid block construction to the core of the city featuring housing, commercial premises and sports & events arena. Pages 40–41. Known for its hi-tech muscle, Oulu is also active on a variety of other fronts. The City is seeking to retool urban development, healthcare, education, tourism and logistics – and make the Northern Lights shine that much brighter. Pages 42–43. 36 Hämeenlinna is seeking to redefine and reinvent its shoreline 37 Tytti Sirola from Bluet Ltd believes that floating construction will be a big international phenomenon 39 At Sello shopping center, digitalization saves costs and enables new revenue models 40 SRV is set to raise the long-awaited Deck and Arena in Tampere 42 Oulu has ambitious plans for urban development, healthcare, education, tourism and logistics 44 Turku seeks to improve its urban appeal via downtown upgrade 46 The Turku Rail Yard project is an ambitious urban development concept for the 2020s 47 Real Estate Goes Tampere 48 Real estate is becoming more and more digital – as well as customer-oriented 54 Finnish real estate highly attractive to foreign investors 56 Company Business Cards Nordicum 7