Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 6

Pages 20–22. Helsinki – the pocket-sized metropolis – is decidedly on the growth path, reclaiming shores and former industrial areas alike. Both citizens and companies are on the move to create Helsinki 2.0. YIT is building Tripla, “the new heart of Helsinki”, in the Pasila superhub. Tripla promises to be a unique combination of office, commercial and residential premises – complete with the ser- vices to make the everyday life easier. Pages 24–27. 03 Editorial 08 Cities are in the driver’s seat now – and they’re not afraid to floor it 16 The Big 100 – The Finns went all out for their special centenary 20 Helsinki has an ambitious “reclaim the shores” agenda which calls for the redevelopment of former industrial areas along the shorelines 23 Senate Properties pursues ambitious redevelopment in Helsinki – and beyond 24 The new heart of Helsinki is being constructed in Pasila, a neighborhood at the junction of Finland’s major traffic connections 27 Pasila – the most accessible location in Finland 28 The western metro line – connecting Helsinki and neighbouring Espoo – is finally complete 34 Metro gives boost to Tapiola’s redevelopment in Espoo 6 Nordicum