Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 57

LOCALTAPIOLA REAL ESTATE ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD OULU – CAPITAL OF NORTHERN SCANDINAVIA Revontulenkuja 1 FI-02010 LocalTapiola Finland Phone +358 9 4531 Business Oulu Yrttipellontie 6 FI-90230 Oulu Finland www. Contact Persons Contact Persons LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management Ltd provides real estate investment and management services. The company is owned by LocalTapiola General Mutual Insurance Company, LocalTapiola Mutual Life Assurance Company and 20 LocalTapiola regional companies. LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management Ltd offers real estate investment, managing and counseling services as well as manages real estate investments and fixed assets. The company also engages in rental business, marketing, house management and administration, maintenance, outsourcing and sales services. Specialty Areas Specialty Areas We offer direct assistance to individuals, corporations and other organisations interested in accessing the business markets in Oulu. Pauliina Pikkujämsä Phone +358 40 743 4362 Janne Ylitalo Phone +358 400 999 523 Seija Haapalainen Phone +358 50 361 4791 E-mail: SRV GROUP PLC SENATE PROPERTIES Derby Business Park P.O. Box 555 (Tarvonsalmenkatu 15) FI-02601 Espoo, Finland Phone +358 20 145 5200 P.O. Box 237 (Lintulahdenkatu 5 A) FI-00531 Helsinki, Finland Contact Persons Real Estate Development and Sales: Mauri Sahi, Director,, +358 40 037 6303 Emmi Sihvonen, Property Development Manager, +358 50 340 1408 Minna Aarnio, Property Development Manager, +358 40 661 4622 Otto Virenius, Property Development Manager, +358 40 718 8028 Contact Persons Mia Vuorinen, Director, Real Estate Transactions and Financing Toni Kankare, Account Director Our portfolio encompasses everything from standard office buildings and specialist premises customised to tenants’ specifications, to exclusive high-end properties. We develop properties that are no longer being used by government organisations to prepare them for sale on the commercial market. Specialty Areas SRV is a leading Finnish real estate developer specialising in development, construction and commercialisation of retail and office premises, hotels, logistics and production objects, as well as residential property. SRV is aspired to improve quality of life through sustainable solutions for the built environment. Specialty Areas NOTES: YIT CORPORATION PLC P.O. Box 36 (Panuntie 11) FI-00621 Helsinki Finland Phone +358 20 433 111 Contact Persons Teemu Haataja, Sales Director, Transactions Tuula Klemetti, Director, Renting YIT creates a better living environment by developing and constructing housing, business premises, infrastructure and entire areas. Our vision is to bring more life into sustainable cities. We want to focus on caring for customers, visionary urban development, passionate executio n and inspiring leadership. Our growth engine is urban development involving partners. 1. Air Transport 2. Customs Services 3. Dangerous Goods Management 4. Freight Forwarding 5. Freight Insurance 6. Information Logistics 7. Material Handling 8. Parcel Pick-up and Delivery Specialty Areas 9. Port Services 10. Rail Transport 11. Road Transport 12. Sea Transport 13. S hipping and Chartering 14. Warehousing 15. O ther Logistics Services & Consulting Nordicum 2018 57