Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 52

P the building information model of the expan- sion of Helsinki-Vantaa International Air- port – in effect, allowing the player to drive a car around the airstrips or roam the corri- dors of the terminal. Encompassing 100,000 square metres, the game app is the largest of its kind in Finland. “We have found that the game is help- ful in increasing user participation, since it really gives you a good idea about what the eventual end product will be,” Lehtovirta said. Instant Karma Another example is rental solution Lumo, which is attempting to hijack the way apart- ments are rented in Finland. Put together by the company Kojamo, Lumo is a website where the customer can close the deal for a suitable rental apartment in 15 minutes, if he/she so wishes. After making the selection, the person has three days to withdraw from the transaction – or move in the next day. “We have brought disruption to the apartment rental business which has lost sight of who the real customer is,” said Jani Nieminen, CEO of Kojamo, also appearing at the convention. 52 Nordicum Launched in October 2015, the Lumo site now features thousands of rentals and is being used by people of all ages. Accord- ing to Nieminen, decision-making online is made possible, since there are sufficient photos and information available on each rental. “In the future, I expect that people can access these apartments via the use of virtual reality or augmented reality tools,” said Nieminen, adding that the future is very much digital, in any case. “Home is already a service platform, of sorts.” Put People First! It is noteworthy that many startups of today are hell-bent on putting the customer back in the driver’s seat; also in real estate sec- tor, customer experience (CX) seems to be the new-and-improved Holy Grail. Giving a presentation at Tampere, Jaakko Männistö, CEO of Feedbackly, argued that meeting the customer’s expec- tations is hard since those expectations keep rising. However, he said that “going the extra mile” is still the best way to woo the customers. “When your business is rooted on ­ eople, you’re on solid ground,” Männistö p said. Talk Ain’t Cheap The flipside of things is that when people receive negative service they do talk about it – and talk, and talk, and talk about it. According to research, about 90% of con- sumers will tell about bad experiences – and thanks to social media, it’s not just the mail- man, either. “We have found that only a quarter of Finnish companies are really customer-ori- ented, even if all of them claim that they are.” For real estate industry, Männistö pro- vides this tip: you should draw up a model of the projected lifecycles of your customer accounts and learn to anticipate and man- age change. “The more you do it, the better equipped you will be to deal with even the unexpected.” l Sami J. Anteroinen