Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 5

Already the builder of the world’s greatest cruise ships, Turku is also exceptionally strong in ICT and Life Sciences. Labour costs are lower in Finland compared to the other Nordic countries. About a third of Finland’s working population has a degree or higher qualification. Finnish startup spirit is personified by super tech-event Slush, described as “Burning Man meets TED”, organised every November/December. Finland received the top score in the ‘Freedom in the World 2017’ index, with also Norway and Sweden receiving the maximum score of 100. Finland turned 100 years on 6th December 2017. Finland was ranked third overall in Global Sustainable Competitive- ness Index 2016 (SolAbility). Helsinki is the third most welcom- ing city in a list of 100 cities from around the world (TravelBird) Finland claimed the fifth spot in the annual IMD World Talent Ranking (2017). Finland also placed fourth in terms of digital competitiveness globally. Finland has the safest banks in the world, according to a survey that drew on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Survey (2017). Oulu Corporation tax was lowered to 20% at the beginning of 2014 (from 24,5%). Biggest Cities: Helsinki 642 045 Espoo 277 375 Tampere 230 537 Vantaa 221 821 Oulu 201 124 Turku 188 584 Jyväskylä 139 260 Lahti 119 395 The Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport offers the best connections from Europe to Asia. Tampere Pori Uusikaupunki Hämeenlinna Rauma Espoo Vantaa Turku Helsinki St.Petersburg Stockholm Tallinn Oslo Growth Corridors Going Strong Copenhagen Nordicum 5