Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 43

Hospital of the Future 2030 Programme Director Kari-Pekka Tampio says that both new operative models and modern hospital technology require new premises. This first phase of the programme encompasses 46,000 square metres and comes with a price tag of EUR 164 million. “Finally, we can go ahead with the construction effort,” Tampio comments the project. Demolishing is already underway and actual construction should start by autumn 2018, at the latest. The hospital should be up and ready to go by the end of 2021, giving a great start to the Hospital of the Future 2030 programme. Education Edge Another “super project” in the works is the joint campus for the two local academic powerhouses, University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. According to the plans, the Linnanmaa Campus – home of the University of Oulu – will feature both universities in 2020, meaning about 20,000 students. Oulu Mayor Päivi Laajala says that the creation of one of Europe’s biggest indoor campuses will require the City to consider issues such as land use, zoning and traffic arrangements to make sure that the new education formula works. “We also want to make sure that the city centre and the campus fully interact and support each other. Furthermore, we expect this move will add to the appeal of the local education cluster and will enhance also the links to business,” Laajala says, adding that the campus project is very much about “creating an ecosystem” where higher learn- ing, research and companies work in unison. Jouni Niinimäki, Rector of University of Oulu, and Jouko Paaso, Rector of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, state that the idea is to start something special – unique, even – at Linnanmaa. “Using the same premises, we can 1st in ICT R&D investments in Finland 250,000 people live in Oulu metropolitan region 1/3 with university degree 38 years is the average age 120 different nationalities 2nd busiest in airport in Finland 300–400 million EUR to be spent on city center development projects 710 million EUR to be invested in infrastructure development by the City focus on adding new services on campus and advance also, for instance, the mobility for students and teachers,” says Niinimäki, pointing out that the Linnanmaa Campus will also be a digital campus, or even a virtual one. “In a sense, we are creating a genuine ‘education city’ that has a very strong focus on the future. The possibilities really are quite endless,” adds Paaso. Northern Lights Oulu is also a tremendous city from the perspective of travel & tourism. Jyrki Kemppainen from BusinessOulu says that the region offers a great mix of nature, safety and urban comforts – and people are catching on to this. “The local hotel occupation rate for 2017 is over 65% and new capacity is required to fulfil the growing needs of the visitors,” Kemppainen says. Among the new projects, there is, for instance, Nallikari travel centre. Located four kilometres from downtown, Nallikari has EUR 100 million investments being planned for the area. Already, there is the Nallikari Holiday Village, a year-round holiday resort that has made a name for itself as the “Riviera of the North”. “Nallikari offers beautiful seaside nature and could really be something spectacular in the coming years,” Kemppainen believes. “According to the plans, the internationally attractive area could accommodate an amusement park, an activity arena and hotels.” Port Upgrade     As it is located upon the Baltic Sea, Oulu has long relied on its capable port operations. The port of Oulu is the largest general port in the Bothnian Bay; Port of Oulu and Oritkari logistics area provide a gateway to the northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Northwestern Russia. Furthermore, Port of Oulu has shown a very positive trend recently with the total cargo volume of the port increasing for three straight years. Marko Mykkänen, Managing Director of Port of Oulu Ltd, says that there’s even more good news: the State has promised to build a deeper, 12.5 metre channel for the port. “The deep channel project will ensure a cost-effective transportation route for northern industry to the global market via Europe,” says Mykkänen. With dredging expected to commence in 2018, the total cost of the project, EUR 30 million, is to be paid by State, City and Port. The Port of Oulu will also expand its land area by 100 hectares and an entirely new access road to the Port is under construction. In addition to the Port’s own investments, over EUR 50 million will be invested in the logistics properties along the access road. l Nordicum 43