Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 41

Great Partnership According to Kankare, SRV feels that it is moving forward with a very like-minded partner, because the City of Tampere is very committed to the project – and has been since early 2000s. “Tampere has had the vision and resolve to keep pushing this thing onwards, even through some tough economic times,” Kankare gives credit to the City decision- makers. SRV wants to begin construction work on the southern deck and arena as soon as possible. “We are already engaged in pre- paratory work in the railway yard, such as the modification of rail electrification and test piling,” says Eklund. Naturally, working in such a way that the rail traffic is not dis- turbed poses a bit of a challenge, but Eklund is confident that neither the train passengers nor the local residents will suffer unduly. “We strive to ensure that all prepara- tory work causes the least possible distur- bance to the neighbourhood,” he promises. Since the project deploys a deck structure, there is less excavation and removal of land masses which the more ‘traditional’ projects often require. “The parking facilities will need some excavation, but that’s really the only major issue.” Lessons from Kalasatama According to Toni Kankare, increasing the appeal of city centres is something that SRV is very keen on. “We have a track record of taking on big projects such as Kalasatama, which takes a modern, sustainable approach to solidifying the urban structure,” he says, tainment package” that the Tampere project will eventually deliver. “In addition, most Finnish arenas do not have a very central location, but at Tampere, you will be exactly where all the action is – and that makes you want to stay longer, too.” referring to the “model district for the future” that is being built in Helsinki. SRV’s REDI Centre – the heart of Kala­satama – just won the Worksite of the Year Award. “In addition, there is always something you learn along the way that you can uti- lise later on. In Tampere and Kalasatama, high-rise expertise is needed as both fea- ture prominent towers.” Kankare and Eklund note that SRV is consistently on the lookout for projects which involve smooth mass transportation, such as rails. Hence, the western metro – which kicked off on 18 November – is a great fit for the company’s plans. “We have been developing the com- munities surrounding the new metro stations for years now and will continue to do so,” Kankare says. The company has been very active in, for example, Niittykumpu where the highest building has 24 floors. “These types of projects are also teach- ing us a lot about hybrid construction, when you have residential and commercial ele- ments linked with transportation issues”, adds Eklund. Eastern Promises Both men view the metro as the “great enabler” which has the power to revital- ise old communities and to launch entirely new ones – and there are still opportuni- ties along the tracks in places you may not first suspect. “If you take the metro-east from down- town Helsinki, you see stations such as Hert- toniemi and Siilitie featuring quite ineffi- cient functionality near the stations. There’s a lot that can be done to upgrade these neigh- bourhoods,” Kankare believes. l Nordicum 41