Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 4

Finland fast facts Finland was ranked 10th in the annual Global Competitiveness Report 2017, produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Newsweek Magazine has ranked Finland as the world’s best country on the basis of criteria emphasising the environment, education and quality of life. According to the Social Progress Index (maintained by Social Progress Imperative), Finland was the most socially progressive country in the world in 2016. When countries were viewed according to their expenditure on R&D as a percentage of GDP, Finland was the fourth on the list in 2016 (Unesco Institute for Statis- tics). Finland was third in the global Rule of Law Index 2016, which measures how the general public experiences the rule of law in everyday situa- tions (The World Justice Project). The biggest infrastructure project in the country, the western metro connecting Helsinki and Espoo, was launched on 18 November, 2017. Finnish game series Angry Birds has been downloaded more than three billion times, making it the most download- ed freemium game series of all time. Finland has the best availability of scientists and engineers in the world (WEF’s Global Competitive- ness Report 2014-2015). Oulu is the fastest growing city of “Arctic Europe”, with over 500 startups launching operations during the last three years. He 6涒2&VBF&B&VBWp&BFFRv&4DPFW#Rv67GVFVBvfW&ЦVF7W'BbVG&W&VWW'0r6FW2FR6''WFW&6WF2FW#b6VBfBF&BFRƗ7@bv&N( 2V7B6''WBF0G&7&V7FW&F’fBv2( 2v( 2FR7@GG&7FfR&F26VG'f"6V7W&pf&VvF&V7BfW7FVBdD&V7G2vF32fVGW&W06V6VB#b66&FrFv&BV6֖0f'V#RfB2FRvW7@&涖r6VG'FRv&BFW&2bV6FfBv2vBFRfW'&GFЧ6RbFRg&vR7FFRFWde2FR6&66&6W2s7FFW2fN( 2&涖r2sFƖ6bFRV6涒FW&P6'&F":FVVƖ2&PWRbw&VBFVFFP֖B6R6G&vRB&F7VХFFVФw&72#