Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 35

lic, offering an attractive living environment in the heart of Tapiola. The area – going by the name Kirjokansi – already features 127 apartments, with another batch to fol- low soon. Eventually, there will be as many as 330 apartments. Kim Särs, CEO of LocalTapiola Real Estate Capital Funds, points out that for Ta­piola, this is, quite literally, “the next level”. The views from the apartments to the neighbouring park and beyond are tremen- dous – there are, for instance, green roofs in place that really pay tribute to the spirit of the Garden City. “The legacy is carried on in a modern way,” adds Särs. Banking on Tapiola Vesa Immonen, Managing Director of LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Manage- ment, says that the company already owns more than a dozen properties in the Ta­piola Centre to the tune of EUR 600 million. The “Tapiola Portfolio” represents the biggest real estate investment in the history of the company. Tapiola is also the home base of Local- Tapiola, as the company has over 1,500 employees here. It’s no wonder, then, that LocalTapiola shares the name with the neighbourhood (Tapiola is the name of the ancient forest kingdom of Finnish lore). “We feel, in many ways, that Tapiola is making a strong comeback,” Immonen says, referring to launch of the metro and the kick-off of the brand new bus terminal at the start of 2019. With the arrival of the metro, about 30,000 passengers are using the Tapiola station every day. The bus terminal, on the other hand, will handle about 24,000 pas- sengers every day. “The bus traffic will involve as many as 100 buses per hour,” says Kirsi Borg. Looking at those types of volumes, it is easy enough to picture that a completely new chapter in the development of the neighbour- hood is about to begin. Roots Run Deep Tapiola certainly has a firm place in the hearts of the Finns – and many international fans, as well. The neighbourhood has been regarded as a natural treasure since its birth over 60 years ago: a shining example of a modern community rooted in natural values. Immonen believes that this Tapiola “core brand” remains, for the most part, unchanged, and that the Centre is well on its way to becoming great once more. In Immonen’s view, what makes Tapiola Cen- tre unique is that it opens outwards, not just inwards like a regular shopping centre does. This makes for an inviting, engaging setting – and, in fact, the new Tapio 6VG&R2FP&vW7BVFW7G&6VG&RfB( ŖR6fBFRvR6vPW&R( R62&F7V3P