Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 26

“Daily life is a great deal easier to organise if you can use services, both at work and leisure, that you find in the same block.” Farewell to the rat race Klemetti emphasises that a human approach and smooth everyday life will play a key role at Tripla. Such qualities are required if people are to remain efficient, motivated and creative at work. If people feel that they must continuously carry out both work and leisure activities ac- cording to a tight schedule, they will become stressed. As a working environment, Tripla will provide people working there with better opportunities for keeping stress levels low. “Daily life is a great deal easier to organ- ise if you can use services, both at work and leisure, that you find in the same block.” Corporate culture is born out of people and lives in people The future office and the changing working environment are often discussed in terms of their ability to reflect a company’s values, 26 Nordicum strategy and growth. At Tripla, a great deal of attention has been paid to the modifiabil- ity and functionality of the premises and the application of the most recent technological solutions. “While companies are in a constant state of change, the offices that Tripla offers also meet the requirements set by future work. Tripla offers companies a breeding ground that will enable them to create their own fu- ture and find the best partners and experts,” comments Klemetti. In connection with this, she also em- phasises that even in new operating envi- ronments it is ultimately the personnel of a company that creates the result. This is why the design process of premises that support targets, culture and a good working com- munity must be guided by people’s needs. “If people are motivated, corporate cul- ture will thrive, contributing positively to work efficiency, the flow of information and the feeling of togetherness and promot- ing networking. It is a great deal easier for people to remain motivated if work and oth- er daily life can be seamlessly combined.” Lease and exert influence The working environment offered by Tripla has aroused a great deal of interest among many companies. The first long-term lease agreement was signed in October 2017 with Otavamedia, a company specialising in pe- riodicals, customer magazines and book clubs. The lease agreement covers over 6,000 square metres on four different floors. “The fact that a lease agreement has been signed this early, over two years be- fore construction is complete, provides the company with the ideal circumstances to customise the spaces and services to serve their needs and reflect their image,” Kle- metti remarks. ● Jukka Holopainen