Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 22

the busiest in the world, and could conceiv- ably hit 9 million passengers by 2030. Pasila – Second City Centre Pasila is the “all access” district. Located in the main intersection of public transporta- tion in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (and the whole country, for that matter), Pasila is a 21st century travel hub in the mak- ing. Eventually, 47 million people will go through here annually. With ambitious Tripla centre being raised in place of the old Pasila railway sta- tion, the neighborhood will be completely transformed. By 2040, the neighbourhood could encompass as much as 30,000 inhab- itants and 50,000 jobs. l Kalasatama – Helsinki’s model district for Smart City solutions – is perhaps the best example of Helsinki’s commitment to try out new things. By the beginning of the 2040s, Kalasatama district will offer a home for approximately 25,000 residents and jobs for 10,000 people. Located on the seashore mere minutes away from downtown, Kala- satama features great metro, tram and bus connections. Kalasatama is a new type of urban innovation platform which is aimed at co- creating smart urban infrastructure and ser- vices – and, as a consequence, several cut- ting-edge companies have taken an inter- est on the area. Kalasatama will be verti- cal, as well: REDI Shopping Centre will entail eight tower blocks which will feature 20–35 storeys (the highest tower reaching 132 metres). Kalasatama – Smart City Kruunu [ܙ[[B$]HوYX\H8$\\ܝX\H\[X]][ۛXY ݙ\[H[XKH\X\˜\[H[\[[HۜX[ۈۈB]\[[[HX[HX]YHB\ܝ8$ۛHZ[]\]^HHB[Hو[[KH X\H\™\[X]Y]H N [X][[ ؜˂H[0\][XH\\\B][H\[\ܝ H]H]Y[B'[]Y\'H[[H[[[\ۙHقܙX[Bܝ][][ܙ[[HXZ\H[]قHXK\[H]ZY\\œ\[H[\][Y[[HXYۚYKB[X\][YH][ۋݙ\[H[ B[H]H[HXܛH^KH\X ]\[܈ L \Y[[B\]YH Xܙ[HX\\[ܝ][KB[ܙ[[H[HH8'\XوY 8'B]\\ܚو\X][\BYH\YۈXX[Z\\[Z[[