Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 19

Planning the Course Ahead Mikko Kosonen, President of the Finn- ish Innovation Fund Sitra, sums up Fin- land’s 100-year success story: it’s simply a tale of a small, agile and capable country whose prosperity is based on mutual trust and cooperation. As for a blueprint for the future, Kosonen argues that the future can- not be built in isolation, either; now, more than ever, the Finns must put themselves in other people’s shoes and come up with new ways to engage in a constructive dialogue. According to Kosonen, the centenary festivities take place in trying times, as we are called upon to be responsible and show resolve in our actions. Faced with global megatrends such as digitalisation, the sus- tainability crisis and the transformation of the labour market, the time has come for Finns to make choices and decisions. What should Finland do? Can the welfare state cope by simply tweaking the existing sys- tem or are bold changes in order? The next 100 years should be interest- ing to watch, as well. l Aiming High, Going Deep Sami J. Anteroinen The centenary emphasises Finland’s strengths – such as equality and democracy – and offered Finns and friends of Finland diverse and international centenary pro- gramme in Finland and abroad. The cen- tenary year has provided ample opportu- nity to better understand the past, experi- ence the Jubilee together and set the course for ­Finland’s future success. The Prime Minister’s Office estab- lished the ‘Finland 100 Years’ organisa- tion which put together the programme that reaped a lot of praise for its inclusiveness and earnest effort to celebrate different fac- ets of Finnish life. During the year, we have seen people samba and build snow castles in celebra- tion; photos have been taken of the North- ern Lights by a satellite; Finland100 menu was composed, complete with recipes; ref- ugees have been encouraged to startup busi- nesses... year, with hundreds of companies involved within the framework of commercial and non-commercial cooperation. According to Timonen, the centenary year is also a “cele- bration of Finnish entrepreneurship”. No Office Party One of the key areas amongst all this is, of course, the Finnish business sector. The country that gave the world texting and Angry Birds has always had a vibrant busi- ness scene – and this is not likely to change any time soon. General Secretary Pekka Timonen, who heads the Centenary Year Secretariat at the Prime Minister’s Office, v2FVƖvFV@FfBWBFBf66W2&RFVFV"vvVvBGW&rFR7V6V"f7B'W6W76W2&V6R琧&Vv&G2FRfW'&6FV7G2bFR6VFV'&F7V