Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 13

that views technology as a tool for citizen empowerment. “This focus is desperately needed in a world where populism is exploiting the growing disaffection of large numbers of citizens due to economic insecurity and cul- tural anxiety.” Katz is also very intrigued by Helsin- ki’s aspiration to be the best global test bed for Smart and Clean Solutions. “Helsinki is not only trying to create and grow com- panies but attempting to change the world and grapple with the existential threat of cli- mate change.  The ambition is compelling!” #1 real estate investment bank in Finland 11-time Euromoney RE M&A advisory winner A selection of recent transactions: Nov 2017 Oct 2017 Breaking Free “Ambition” is apparent also in the machina- tions of Helsinki’s new Mayor, Jan Vapaa- vuori, who gathered the leaders of Fin- land’s 21 largest cities into a “C21” sum- mit in October. As a consequence, the cities issued a joint statement calling for changes to the Finnish government’s flagship reform introducing elected regional governments. One obvious concern for the cities is suf- ficient autonomy on deciding e.g. adminis- tration and commerce issues on their own. Vapaavuori is of the opinion that it is hardly fair for the government to be mak- ing the biggest reforms in Finnish history, while the biggest cities’ perspectives are not heard at all. Furthermore, the Helsinki Mayor acknowledged urbanisation as global megatrend to be reckoned with and accused the Government of refusing to understand the significance of urban growth as the pri- mary engine of regional development. United We Stand Granted, some of the participants have only about 50,000 inhabitants, so it is clear that some of the cities are, in fact, more like glo- rified towns. Having met Mayor Vapaavuori during his Helsinki visit, Katz applauds his effort in the matter. “I think cities of disparate sizes share many common challenges, particularly if they are located in the same metropolitan area.  The focus must be on what unites cit- ies rather than what divides them.” And what advice would Katz give to the C21 network? – Katz points out that suc- cessful networks meet to decide rather than just meet to discuss – so the sense of urgency and purpose must be there.   “The key is to prioritise initiatives and projects that have appeal across cities of dis- parate sizes and are organized to design and deliver real change. The Denver metropo- lis is a good example of a network of cities that collaborates to act.” l sold sold a prime CBD office in Helsinki a prime CBD office in Helsinki to for € 41 million to Advisor to the seller Advisor to the seller June 2017 May 2017 Kesko, Rakauskas family and Zabolis Partners sold sold its head office property a portfolio of retail properties in the Baltics for € 55 million to for € 174 million to Advisor to the seller Advisor to the sellers Jan 2017 Dec 2016 sold sold a portfolio of over 1,300 apartments an office portfolio to for € 130 million to Advisor to the seller Advisor the seller seller Advisor to to the Sami J. Anteroinen tel. +358 9 6817 8900 Nordicum 13