Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 47

Real Estate Goes Tampere RE Finland – formerly known as the Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects – was hosted on 9-10 November at Tampere. T he “biggest annual event for the Finn- ish real estate business” did not dis- appoint this year either: the one-and- a-half-day seminar served up a full plate of industry goods, ranging from invest- ment and financing to construction and ser- vices. The bigger perspective was there as well, with Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister of Sweden, delivering the keynote speech to kick off the convention. With hundreds of participants flock- ing the halls of Tampere House, it was also clear that networking was very much a part of people’s agenda. In addition, this year’s main topic – customer-orientation – caused a big buzz among the guests. Brand is Everything Laura Tarkka from Kämp Collection Hotels provided insights into the mind of a cus- tomer who is keen on quality. According to Tarkka, today’s customers are looking for personalised experiences – and this is where thoughtful branding comes in. The Kämp Collection, for instance, features nine hotels which all have their own, strong brands which resonate strongly with the patrons. “As the hotel market keeps growing, it’s all about the engaging your customers,” Tarkka said, adding that customers want “bigger meaning” now. Tarkka remarked that when it comes to empathy, Finns don’t do very well according to international studies – but this is some- thing all organisations can work on. “A good indicator of employee’s level of empathy is the amount of additional sales he or she is able to generate.” Getting your “troops” in fine form is, naturally, a key part of all this. Tarkka revealed that Kämp Collection uses a special “On Fire” Index to see who’s really doing a great job with the patrons. Feel the Difference Tuula Uitto from Telia Finland argued that customer insight is something that is, sim- ply put, everybody’s business. According to Telia’s research into the matter, customers want service that is smooth and individual. “In customised service, the customer gets the feeling that there is a constant improvement and you’re getting better and better service as a result. Eventually, via the use of data and analytics, one can anticipate the customer’s needs and act accordingly.” One of Telia’s breakthroughs in the customer feedback process was turning the attention to feelings – one of the key indi- cators now is ‘joy’. “Understanding where the customer is coming from emotionally is more and more relevant.” According to Uitto, with new dig- ital tools, there is no shortage of data out there, but the personal touch is still the most important thing. Running Free On the second day, the big “headliner” was a man accustomed to performing to as many as 250,000 people. Bruce Dickinson – known for his long stint as the lead singer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden – is also a commercial pilot, brewmaster, busi- ness angel, entrepreneur… Dickinson pro- vided a feisty lecture on the power of cre- ativity to close the convention with style. “The secret lies in simply doing one thing at a time – focus on the moment and set other things aside,” he said. l Nordicum 47