Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 39

At Sello shopping center, digitalization saves costs and enables new revenue models Shopping centers are in the merge of reinventing themselves. From being a place to shop goods, the role is changing more into service providers. Real estate plays an important role in providing great customer experience. In perfect places, there are never too warm or cold. The conditions are perfect. I n addition to adjusting right tempera- ture and lighting, digitalization of build- ings minimizes the energy consump- tion. The Sello shopping center in Espoo, Finland partnered with Siemens in order to benefit from digitalization. The data is gathered and evaluated from 1,500 energy and HVAC data points by Navigator – the cloud-based energy and sustainability plat- form. Using smart data visualization and automated reporting, the collected data is used as efficiently as possible. As a result, Sello’s maintenance and operational costs have grown less than 10 percent since 2010 when in average the growth is 20 percent. “Sello has always been a responsible operator. Environmentally friendly solutions have been taken into account since the very beginning,” says Sello shopping center man- ager Marjo Kankaanranta. “This progressive project will lead the way how shopping cent- ers can be involved in climate economies, and can work for the good of the environ- ment and society as a whole.” Digitalization is a key factor in find- ing new revenue models. In Sello, data is not only used to enable perfect conditions and cut down energy costs but making it possible to participate in the electricity reserve market. Sello will be the first sig- nificant property complex in Finland to be part of the electricity reserve market by hav- ing its own power plant. The energy con- sumption of the property is automatically regulated by purchasing, storing and con- suming energy. “When there is oversupply of electric- ity, Sello adds its energy consumption or st &W2BB6fW'6VǒBFW7G2VV7G&2ЦG67VFbFW&R2FV66Ч7VFFRFWfV''F6ЧFrFRVV7G&6G&W6W'fR&WB6V2FW"&WfVVRFVFFR&RG&ЦFF6W'f6W>( W2VBb6W0֖Fg&6VV26WF;b6V2vR6vW"FR&W@'WBFR6WF6&RW6VB6FW f6ƗFW2fw&G>( VV7G&6G&W6W'fR"ЦWBfBV&W26V( 2Wr&RvVF26WF&V6W2&RvFRЧ7&VBBv'&r66FW&&R6fw0F66WG'&VGV6rFRVVBFfW7B&6WvW"( FR&Rb6r6VFW'226rЦrVf&VFGFW'2BvRv@Fv&vFv&B672VW'2ƖR6RЦV2F26W&F2w&VBWЧRbWrBb6W&Fv66&WV&W2&fW766r6VFW vVVB( 62f6R&W6FVBVFW&V֒g&&V&VFfVw&W&V&VF2FRVFr6Чr6VFW"vW"fB'F6FFFRVV7G&6G&W6W'fP&WB66vRV&rv72FR&VW7FFR&WBvVFR'VFrG6Vb26W&6Rb6RFR&VB6VB&RvW&V@"FVBFFRVW&w67VFbFRFVЦBFR&VW7FFW>( &R6vW2BFW&R&V6֖r6vf6B'BbVV7G&2ЦG&W6W'fR&WBFRgWGW&R&F7V3