Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 36

Downtown Dynamite Hämeenlinna is seeking to redefine and reinvent its shoreline – and give a big boost to the city centre Retooling the city centre is very much on the agenda of many cities, but Hämeenlinna has an ace up its sleeve: the largely undeveloped shorelines. The beautiful Vanajavesi Lake is located right in the middle of the city and provides plenty of opportunities for ambitious waterfront construction. T imo Kenakkala, Mayor of Hämeen- linna, says that the future success of the city hinges on downtown develop- ment: as the appeal of city centre increases, the entire community benefits. The crown jewel, so to speak, in all of this involves redeveloping the shores. “What is crucial in this process is that we are actively engaging in a dialogue with various stakeholders in order to develop the shores,” Kenakkala says, adding that the main idea is that all the partners commit to the effort and make sure that the dream becomes a reality. ”As a result, we expect to get a unique, attractive package that boosts the appeal of the Hämeenlinna city centre as well as the surrounding city.” Get Connected According to Kenakkala, Hämeenlinna already has important “selling points” such as inexpensive housing, solid municipal ser- vices and great leisure-time activities that people appreciate. ”Located along the Hel- sinki-Tampere corridor – in fact, right in the 36 Nordicum