Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 27

Pasila – the most accessible location in Finland T ripla offers companies and their personnel commercial and office premises that will facilitate their daily life. The key aspect of Tripla’s appeal is its location. Pasila is the logistical hub of Helsinki and easily accessible using just about any means of transport. It brings tracks, roads, cycling lanes, bus service and the connections to the airport together in a single location. “Tripla’s location at the junction of major railways and near the most important airport in the country will ensure that there will be tenants in the premises twenty years from now. However, this is only a small part of the whole appeal of the premises,” remarks Teemu Haataja, Sales Director at YIT. Demand is moving towards Tripla Mall of Tripla offices will be complete in spring 2020. YIT is currently seek- ing tenants for this modern working environment encompassing around 50,000 square metres. The prospective tenants are expected to be willing to build a good everyday life and to exhibit strong growth in order to be able to enter the national or international market. “Tripla is a unique working environment not only in the metropolitan area bu @6FRvRfBFW&R2FW"W&FrVf&VBFB27V66VG&6FFW&2bw&wFBFB6&W2WfW'v&RFǐ6W'f6RvF7V67WW&"6FB'GVFW2f"WGv&r( F6VG2ख276W76VBFRFV66FBFfVFFR7F&W"2W6VV@F6FbFRVbG&( 2&V֗6W2BFR6RFRB2vBWЧRbrFRFVBf"'W6W72&V֗6W226gFrg&FR6G6VG&RFFR'FW&FvFv&VvFW6VVBG&7'B6V7F2धVVG&'&V`( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( fVGW&W2ff6W26r6VG&R'FVG2FV06WFVB'##w&72f"&V3S"( 2v62WVFSfF&F6W0fW"S"bff6R76Pr'0fW"CWrW0C3FV&0bG&2"b6W&676R"#S7F&W2&F7V#p