Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2018 - Page 21

Take Action! international ranking. Helsinki is now the most popular congress city in the Nordic region and the 10th most popular in Europe. Education Edge Finland prides itself on its education system, which has become a benchmark for other leading nations in this sector. One of its hallmarks is its accessibility in terms of language, with English and other foreign-language schools being popular alternatives. From an international perspective, Helsinki is an attractive location in which to seek employment. The vast majority of major Finnish companies have long since adopted English as a working language. Gender equality is at an excellent level, and the market for skilled workers offers much potential, particularly in technology, media and the sciences. And it certainly seems that the natives are happy. The European Quality of Life in Cities barometer reveals that the citizens of Helsinki are more satisfied with their qual- ity of life than anybody else in Europe. The locals are especially pleased about their own lives, exercise/sporting opportunities and residential areas. What’s more, the natives are big on cit- izen activism. Such international phenom- ena as Restaurant Day and Cleaning Day originate from Helsinki, having been created by ordinary citizens who want to achieve great things together. local trends driving design include walka- bility and bicycling. Helsinki Superhub Great connectivity transcends borders. For a number of years, Helsinki Airport has suc- cessfully pursued the strategy of becoming the principal hub for European travel to Asia and vice versa. As a result, connections with the major European cities are numerous, fre- quent and punctual. In addition, the airport prides itself on the quality of its service offering, widely considered to be among the very best in Europe. Helsinki constantly ranks among the TOP 20 congress cities in the world accord- ing to UIA (Union of International Associ- ations), reaching the 15th spot in the 2016 Nordicum 21