Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 67

Eversheds Finland: Eye on Transactions Saara Raitala from Eversheds says that the mood in the real estate market is good: a lot of transactions have been carried out, and many are waiting in the pipeline. Raitala, who is a Partner in the firm and also heads the Transactions team, comments that as deals are being made again, also the international players have returned to Finland. “W e are seeing more and more business where one or more of the negotiating parties comes from abroad,” Raitala says. And Eversheds Finland itself has “gone international” during the last year or so. In November 2014 it was announced that one of Finland’s leading law firms, Juridia Bützow, is to join Eversheds International – in an effort to further broaden the international reach of both firms. Make It Big Joining Eversheds, which consists of 57 offices in 31 countries across EMEA and Asia, meant that the Finnish law firm – with five offices and 165 professionals across Finland – started playing in the Major Leagues for real. After all, Eversheds and its worldwide offices have over 4,000 people who provide services to the private and public sector and business and finance communities. Furthermore, the ownership of the newest member in the global Eversheds family stayed in the Finnish hands. “Now, looking at the situation one year after we joined Eversheds, one could say that the integration process has been smooth,” Raitala says, add- ing that the global network helps to attract and secure new business. “Real estate is a ‘semi-global’ field in the sense that the buildings don’t relocate themselves, but the ow