Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 66

grow our homes. Equilibrium Consulting, a timber engineering expert, provided insight on structural matters and Metsä Wood had its own experts to rely on for material and construction. And can it be done, you may ask? According to final designs of the Plan B team, the size and the basic structure of the Photo: City of Helsinki Media Bank / Lauri Rotko 64 Nordicum wooden ‘Empire’ are the same as in the original Empire State Building in New York. (Of course, they have yet to build it.) Designing a wooden skyscraper proved to a stroke of marketing genius as well, since the international media quickly picked up the story and ran with it. Now, the Finns are not usually known for their ‘flash’ (with the exception of Teemu Selänne), but this type of exposure may be just what the doctor ordered. Next chapter in the story: a true wood construction renaissance? And real wooden skyscrapers? O Sami J. Anteroinen