Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 61

company’s operations have become increasingly global and undergone strong expansion, cooperation between the two companies has been developed using modern operating methods and tools. As a result, the company’s competitiveness has constantly improved. “Digitalisation is a megatrend also in our industry and we have made a commitment to change with times. We have seen the benefits of the new solutions in all our five operating countries and are eager to continue onwards on this path.” Ari Korhola, CEO of Fatman, says that the Technopolis case has offered the Helsinki-based family-owned company with opportunities to “branch out into the world”. “In a way, we have been able to grow together. This type of know-how holds significant export potential and we want to be involved in taking world-class Finnish expertise abroad.” Get the Data The tour de force of the collaboration was a 2012 development project, which was aimed to make Technopolis’ service easier to approach, and thereby, to improve customer satisfaction. In order to do this, new tools were created for the predictive and methodical management of property business costs. The goal was for all essential property information to be located in one place and available for use by the entire organisation and interest groups. “It was a big effort to put all the information together, but it has really paid off. Now Technopolis has sufficient master data at its disposal to achieve a great range of things,” says Ari Korhola. Case in point: a property taxation stock take was carried out on all of Technopolis’ property stock in 2012. The sites’ bases for taxation were checked and the sites were modelled in a SaaS property management system. And the result? – The checks carried out by Fatman’s specialists showed that the adjustment to property taxation had amounted to a pretty penny and Technopolis was compensated a “significant sum” by the taxman.