Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 60

Put the Building in Your Pocket Technopolis is spearheading the cause of smart real estate management Increasingly, real estate today is not so much about bricks and mortar but about ones and zeroes. As digitalisation takes hold, smart information management tools are becoming more common in the industry. Nevertheless, big benefits from e-solutions require sufficient volumes; instead of a single building going digital, how about ten buildings? Or a hundred buildings all streamlined and optimised under the same system? – Now that’s where the true upside lies. O ne frontrunner in the industry is Technopolis which provides “the best addresses” for companies to operate and succeed in five countries – Finland, Norway, Estonia, Russia and Lithuania – in the Nordic-Baltic region. Technopolis develops, owns and operates a chain of 20 smart business parks that combine services with flexible and modern office space – and the company has focused on digitalising its real estate management in a big way. Presently, Technopolis provides solutions to 1,700 companies (and their 47,000 employees), which means that the listed company really has a stated interest in streamlining its processes in a meaningful way. Since 2004, Technopolis has worked together with IT company Fatman in order to optimise costs and increase productivity. Growing Up Smart Kari Kokkonen, Director of Real Estate and Services at Technopolis, says that as the Photo: Ari Talusen (From left to right) Ari Korhola, CEO of Fatman and Kari Kokkonen, Director of Real Estate and Services at Technopolis. 58 Nordicum