Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 51

Report at Gate 29 T he premier Growth Corridor in Finland is the E12 highway, running from Helsinki to Tampere. Cities within a striking distance of this key artery are putting their best foot forward to attract companies and investments to their respective communities. One of the forerunners in this race is Valkeakoski, an enterprising town of 21,000 inhabitants, located 35 km southeast of Tampere. Mikko Seppälä, Business Director for the City of Valkeakoski, says the E12 Growth Corridor really gives Valkeakoski a powerful reach. “We are looking to get our share of that growth,” he defines the objective. Valkeakoski’s answer to this situation? – The new industrial area by the name of Gate 29, located just off the E12. But why the ‘29’? “You need