Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 46

It’s All in the Pipeline New Growth Corridors call the shots in tomorrow’s competitiveness game In terms of boosting competitiveness, the creation of new, powerful growth corridors is a rising trend internationally. While cities and regions may be in fine form, economically speaking, there’s a lot to be said for synergy benefits when one seeks broader collaboration with neighbours. R esearcher Timo Aro notes that building such corridors is one way to link separate labour markets together more effectively. He believes that smooth traffic connections play a key role in all this. “In lieu of distance, it makes sense to talk about the actual time it takes to travel from one place to another. Whether a region is a successful one or not, this is based, more and more, on fast road and rail connections,” Aro says, adding that both the inner 44 Nordicum and outer accessibility of any given area is directly linked with the area’s growth and competitiveness. There Can Be Only One? Nevertheless, Timo Aro is of the opinion that Finland is just getting started on this front: he argues that the only true growth corridor – which features a common institutional and physical structure – and that is Helsinki – Hämeenlinna – Tampere. Linking the country’s capital with the largest inland city in all of Scandinavia seems like a nobrainer to begin with, and Hämeenlinna is a burgeoning community in its own right, too, so the seeds for growth fall on fertile soil here. “Elsewhere in Finland, the construction of corridors still requires a lot of work. In addition, what is missing from Finland at the moment is a mega-corridor that would go