Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 40

Rooted in community values, Opinmäki glimpses into the future of school Photos: Jussi Helimäki Laboratory for Learning As the City of Espoo set out to build Suurpelto – a new city district – in the beginning of the millennium, there was already talk of creating a vibrant heart for the community-to-be. Over the years, a vision started to take shape: the centre piece for the new community should be a multipurpose school that would be available for all citizens, not just school children. T he City put together an open architectural competition in 2011 to find a totally new concept that would work for Suurpelto. Young architect Esa Ruskeepää won the competition with his work ‘Mäkin opin’ (“I’m learning, too”). The building, the very first realized project by Ruskeepää, was designed and built in close co-operation with its users ݙ\