Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 4

NORDICUM Real Estate Annual Finland Service 2.0 ‘Service’ is not what it used to be. These days, the word is becoming synonymous with ‘disruption’ as new service concepts are turning the world upside down. Take Mobility as a Service (MaaS), for instance. Already hailed as the ‘Helsinki Model’ around the world, MaaS means that you buy mobility services based on consumer needs instead of buying the actual means of mobility. This calls for mobility solutions that integrate intercity transportation and local transportation, as well as last mile solutions. The Helsinki Model aspires to upgrade the service level of transportation by harnessing the capacities of both public and private actors. Sonja Heikkilä, the ‘mother’ of MaaS, explains this in a rather straight-forward manner: let us first merge underground, bus, train, tram, taxi, ride sharing, and city bike services into one application in a smart phone – and then let companies compete on who provides the total service to users fastest or cheapest. Publisher PubliCo Oy Pälkäneentie 19 A FI-00510 Helsinki Finland Phone +358 20 162 2200 Editor-in-Chief Jussi Sinkko Editorial Coordinator Liisa Hyvönen Project Manager Paul Charpentier Contributors Merja Kihl Ari Mononen Sami J. Anteroinen Lutz Ehrhardt Language Editor The City of Espoo is on to something similar with School as a Service (SaaS). SaaS revolves around shared resources, as well, adding flexibility and a good degree of planning into the way schools use real estate and other assets today. Instead of looking at school as a ‘product’, one must glimpse beyond at the service it offers – and could offer. Aalto University is working on a sister concept to SaaS and going corporate with its offering. ‘Building as a Servic