Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 37

Photo: ALA Architects Ltd. + Esa Piironen Oy as an ideological experiment with a strong focus on nature. Tapiola 2.0 Currently, the venerable neighbourhood is going through a beauty treatment. In keeping with the original spirit of the district, a new centre will be built in Tapiola – a bold solution marked by its dynamic and sustainable character. Great care will be taken in the renewal to preserve the architecturally significant centre, designed by the architect Aarne Ervi. The aim here is to create an active, multifaceted urban centre with modern mass transportation terminals, well-organised parking and maintenance arrangements, a wide variety of services as well as pleasant pedestrian areas and meeting places. In addition, Tapiola offers culture and leisure activities such as WeeGee House and Cultural Centre as well as sports – and the coming of metro will make it all so much more accessible. Upgrading Otaniemi A little east from Tapiola, we find Otaniemi, the “Silicon Valley of the North”. Otaniemi is the largest cluster of high technology in Northern Europe, representing the entire chain of innovation from educa