Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 3

AAA status “is underpinned by sound public finances, a solid external position, high income per capita, demonstrable political and social stability and an impeccable debt service record”. Finland’s education system has consistently achieved outstanding results (PISA). Finland’s main industrial products are paper and board, electronics and metal products. Biggest Cities: Helsinki (613,000) Espoo (261,000) Tampere (220,000) Vantaa (208,000) Oulu (194,000) Turku (182,000) Finland has world-class expertise in cleantech, forestry, metal and machinery manufacturing, ICT industry and services, and health and wellbeing. About a third of Finland’s working population has a degree or higher qualification. Helsinki is ranked third (behind New York and London) in the global CITIE Index 2015 which studied governmental support of entrepreneurs among cities. The capital area in detail Vantaa Espoo Kauniainen Helsinki The Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport offers the best connections from Europe to Asia. Tampere The Fund for Peace (FFP) ranked Finland the most stable country in the world for the second consecutive year in 2014. Pori Rauma Uusikaupunki Vantaa Espoo Turku Growth Corridors Going Strong Tampere 126 km Hyvinkää 58 km HELSINKI 165 km 71 km Uusikaupunki 50 km Rauma 51 km Pori Stockholm Turku Tallinn Oslo Copenhagen St.Petersburg Helsinki