Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 29

A sketch from the Northern Leppävaara project Photo: JKMM architects Take the Green Pledge In a recognition of its responsibilities, Espoo became the first city in Finland to join the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development in summer 2015. Coordinated by the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, the commitment aims to enable a good life for all future generations. Espoo is taking part in the commitment with its city-level sustainable development programme. This involves the development and introduction of new ways of acting that support sustainable development. The work is conducted from the viewpoints of a sustainable lifestyle, a networked city, nature and the environment, the fight against Climate Change, new energy solutions and sustainable mobility. In fact, as the City of Espoo is updating its climate programme, one of the aims is – eventually – to run the West Metro with renewable energy. And not just the metro, but also the connecting