Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 23

Get Connected in Pasila And then, last but never least, Pasila. Pasila is already the reigning traffic hub in the nation: all the trains stop here and trams and buses very much congregate in the area. Located 3.5 kilometres from the downtown, Pasila is truly a force to be reckoned with. The logistical reach is second to no one: the brand new Ring Rail Line (launched in July 2015) connects Pasila to the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, and the upcoming City Rail Loop, once completed, will link up Pasila, downtown Helsinki, Hakaniemi and Töölö in a more effective manner. There is even a reservation for a future metro station. Pasila is also known for national conventions, state agencies, corporate headquarters, a powerful media cluster and the biggest sports arena in the land. There are already 25,000 jobs and over 12,000 inhabitants here – and plans for much, much more. As Big As They Come The coming decade will see the building of close to half a million square metres of new office and commercial space in Central Pasila. To put that fully in perspective: The Central Pasila development is twice the size of new One World Trade Center in New York. This undertaking, coupled with concurrent development in the larger Pasila area, will double the district’s jobs to 50,000 by 2040. Niina Puumalainen, Project Director for the City, says that the new traffic plans and construction activity will simply transform the area – ensuring that Pasila is fully upgraded for the future. “The City is committed to turning Central Pasila into a new kind of urban centre for business, service and housing. Rooted in superb connectivity, Pasila will become a real blueprint for the future’s superhub,” she says. Tripla Under Way The “Ground Zero” for all of this will be a next-gen traffic/commercial hub – called Tripla Centre – which will be built in the railway yard area freed up in the Central Pasila area. Building rights of approximately 190,000 floor square metres will be zoned in the area, and the total value of the project is approximately EUR 1 billion. Just north off the Tripla Centre, there will be a residential component, too, as the emerging Railyard Quarters will add 3,000 residents and 1,000 jobs into the equation. Totalling 170,000 floor square metres, this compact neighbourhood will also have its share of tall buildings (5–16 storeys). In accordance to the strategy formulated by the State and the City, Railyard Quarters will be developed sustainably, with an over-all guiding vision of a Garden City. For example, greenroofing is the standard here and rain water is utilised where applicable. Aiming High The zoning for Railyard Quarters is to be completed in 2016, with construction kickoff to follow in 2018. In addition to ambitious residential solutions, there will also be plenty of business here, as about 25 % of the area is reserved for office and commercial construction. “We’re very pleased to introduce a new community that will combine residential with business in a highly attractive package,” Puumalainen says. Number three on the list in Pasila is the creation of the Pasila Tower Area. There are plans for as many as ten towers in the area, with plenty of office, commercial and residential space. The idea is to kick-off tower construction from the west – next-door to Tripla – thus maximising synergies. Design-Build Competition To realise this vision, the State and the City are seeking a developer for the Pasila tower area via an international design-build competition in 2016. The area in quvestion could comprise 150,000–200,000 m² of floor area. “We feel that Pasila is a great place for high-rise construction, giving a signature look to the area,” says Puumalainen. The upcoming Helsinki High-rise competition is a design-build competition, in which the party submitting the highest quality plan solution will have the right and obligation to procure the building rights for the start-up area specified in the competition – as well as develop and construct the start-up area (40,000–65,000 square metres). Pasila is a key area in the development of Helsinki and Finland. Nordicum 21