Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 21

Energy Edge Various smart development activities have been realised in Kalasatama earlier on, too. Perhaps the most far-reaching and ambitious among them is the smart energy project – carried out by Helen, ABB and Fingrid – which will turn the district into a testbed for ambitious smart grids. As part of the smart traffic agenda, the use of electric cars is encouraged in Kalasatama and other new solutions with regards to smart transportation and traffic will be tried out here, too. In line with the green ideology, Kalasatama also features an underground waste collection system. The Kalasatama Spirit Hannu Asikainen and Veera Mustonen note that Kalasatama will be different from similar international projects, since the district will not rely on a single technology or scheme – but, instead, the master plan is to develop Kalasatama comprehensively into a smart city district on broader basis. “We know we’re doing things a little differently in Kalasatama – and the City is fully committed to making sure that it turns out great,” Asikainen says. Effective public transport – spearheaded by the Kalasatama metro station – and the central location add to Kalasatama’s appeal. And the sea is right there, too: if you fancy a stroll, there is a six-kilometre promenade by the shore. “The sea is already a big part of the Kalasatama identity and we’re looking to expand on that,” Asikainen promises, adding that while the area is still being developed, there’s already a strong community spirit – an atmosphere of doing things together. High Times Kalasatama will also bring plenty of vertical and visual appeal. The Kalasatama Centre, known as REDI, will consist of eight tower blocks which will feature 20–35 storeys (the Hannu Asikainen is responsible for the construction of Kalasatama. highest tower reaching 132 metres). The towers will be complemented by a versatile commercial centre as well as a nearby social and healthcare centre. According to Hannu Asikainen, REDI will be a strong anchor for the community. The idea here is that the commercial functions will go well beyond what people expect from a regular shopping centre – providing the patrons with more than a glimpse of Experience Economy. The concept, created by the developer SRV, will combine seaside atmosphere, high-rise buildings and superb connections. With REDI serving as the beating heart of the new neighbourhood, Kalasatama will have convenient access to just about all types of services. “This is well in line with the City’s plans, since the vision of Kalasatama is to become so resource-wise that residents will gain an ‘extra hour’, so to speak, every day – since everything is close at hand, there’s no time wasted on transport,” Asikainen sums up. The heart of Kalasatama is the experience, housing and shopping centre Redi. that these pilots represent only the tip of the iceberg – in total, there were 52 high-quality applications to the project. “We can clearly see now that the vision of Kalasatama as an innovation platform is starting to bear fruit,” Mustonen says, adding that the best ideas of those entries not making the cut will be processed further on. “We look for smart solutions that provide scalability. We can invent and develop it here and take it out to the world,” says Mustonen. The first five pilots will be carried out in early 2016, as the services will be tested in the authentic urban environment in Kalasatama, working together with the citizens. Nordicum 19