Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2016 - Page 35

Photo: City of Espoo Media Bank / Pekka Sipola, Compic Oy THE ANGLE By Olli Isotalo The writer is Deputy Mayor of the City of Espoo Espoo on the Move T he biggest infrastructure project in Finland is drawing to a close, as the new metro line to Espoo will be launched in August, 2016. The metro will transport over 100,000 passengers every day, bringing connectivity to a whole new level in Espoo – and beyond. There are eight metro stations opening in Espoo by August, with five more to come by 2020. More than moving people, we’re moving business and communities: the new metro line will establish a true Growth Corridor that will sustain Espoo for decades to come. The Espoo Innovation Garden supports the West Metro Growth Corridor by attracting people, companies, jobs and services. The goal is to attract as many as 70,000 new inhabitants along this new corridor, while pursuing also significant employment growth. As Espoo is really an interlinked city of five city centres, with around 50,000 inhabitants each, the task of the City is to enforce that interconnectivity. Metro is one way to accomplish this, but we have been successful with “conventional” rails as well: for instance, the Leppävaara City Centre – the main railway link in Espoo – has become a real dynamo for growth north of the metro line. All five city centres offer flexible opportunities for housing, working, leisure time activities, services…while re XZ[