Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 51

Björn Mattsson, Managing Director for Skanska CDF, wants to find out if it's possible to make the office 'cool'. for every function, the productivity of the work can increase as much as 20 %. Taken together, the efficient use of space and the increase in productivity can bring in savings to the tune of 40 %. Director Antti Nousiainen at Skanska CDF adds that ABW can boost performance in new or old premises – more than anything else, it is a question of commitment. “Companies do realise that these types of solutions lead to better business performance – and that the competitors in the same business streams are aware of this, too,” Nousiainen says. Rail Redemption Looking at the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Nousiainen observes that the workplace is not the only thing that is changing: massive infrastructure projects are taking place in the west and in the north, as metro expands to Espoo and Ring Rail Line makes its way to the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. “Rails are giving the metropolitan area better connectivity and we want to make the most of the opportunities therein,” Nousiainen says. And it’s more than talk: in December 2014, Skanska CDF started the construction of the new centre of Aviapolis Area, an ambitious development project which combines office construction with residential, commercial and hotel construction. Located right next to the airport, and on top of the Aviapolis Railway Station, the Aviabulevardi Office building will feature 9,200 square metres of leasable space and encompass six storeys. “The location by the Aviapolis Railway Station is very attractive, since you’re only a stone’s throw away from Airport terminal. We’ve already had numerous inquiries about the project and the first leases have already been signed,” Nousiainen reports. Needless to say, Skanska’s Activity-Based Workplaces has been a strong selling point in attracting the customers. Ready for Take Off Behind the high demand is the fact that the Aviapolis area near the airport was already a hot item for companies with a progressive mindset even before Ring Rail Line. When you put rails and wings together, you get something that is quite unprecedented in Finland: a natural superhub. “This will probably be the most international spot in the country,” Nousiainen says. With the Aviabulevardi office building serving as the strong heart for this new community, what types of companies is Skanska CDF looking to attract to the building? Nousiainen says that he knows for a fact that many sales organisations or brand offices are actively looking for just this kind of space – and now it’s available. “We aim for the medium size companies more than small companies,” he says, adding that 400–800 square metres is the projected average space per tenant. Life After Five But the business and office activities is just one element here – Nousiainen promises that there will be life in the neighbourhood also after 5 o’clock when the lights go out in the offices. “We want to help in creating a 24/7 area where there is lots of activity and many things to do.” Conceivably, as the identity of the district is strongly linked with aviation, this is something that can be explored in the realisation of the area. “The Finnish Aviation Museum is already located there,” Nousiainen points out. The residential offering is going to be rather broad-based, with private/rental apartments and also assisted living solutions. In the area, there will also be a shopping centre which brings a good mix of public and commercial services to the local residents and the workers. Green Edge Aviabulevardi will be a green neighbourhood, as well. Nousiainen says that the office complex will go for both LEED and EU Green Building certification, and bring tried-and-true environmental solutions to the project. Skanska has a long history with LEED – having almost single-handedly introduced LEED certification in Finland a few years back – but the company is not dead-set on Platinum Level in every single case. “With LEED, of course, the standards keep rising all the time. Our intention is to optimise the sustainable solutions and provide the best possible outcome here,” Nousiainen concludes. Nordicum 49