Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 50

The Rebirth of Cool Wanting to make office fun & functional, Skanska CDF launches an ambitious development project at the Helsinki Airport Improving productivity is what more and more companies are looking for today. Updating the entire concept of today’s office is very much linked with this goal. Björn Mattsson, the newly appointed Managing Director for Skanska Commercial Development Finland, says that companies should recognise how the ways of working have changed over the years. “T here is a war for talent going on and in order to attract the best people, companies need the best premises,” he sums up. The problem, of course, is that it’s getting increasingly difficult for companies to know where they are going to be in five years – or two years, for that matter. At Skanska CDF, this equation is solved by adding a good degree of flexibility into the mix: what is needed now is office space that lives and breathes according to the needs and wishes of the tenants. No More Desk Duty Skanska believes that the offices of the future will be central nodal points at which co-workers can get together in different “constellations” – and find ways of working that suit themselves and their organisation better. This means that companies must abandon the old philosophy of simply having people sit by the desks. In the future, we will see more offices which feature silent rooms for work that requires intense focus, livelier rooms for teams and projects, phone 48 Nordicum booths and “hot desks” for someone just popping in and out. “We want to explore if it’s possible to make the office ‘cool’,” Mattsson says with a smile. Under Skanska’s Activity-Based Workplaces (ABW) concept, the space is simply used more effectively and more creatively – and this will bring savings to the company as there are less square metres. Giving the employees the premises and the tools to do their work in a better way – a fun way, even – will boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Mattsson points out that the old days of “management by Excel” are over: “People’s wellbeing is [ܙH[