Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 46

Kalasatama Centre, REDI, will feature towers that reach 100 metres. was arranged in autumn 2014 as one way to make sure that Vallila keeps moving in the right direction. It is also estimated that the significance of Vallila will increase in the coming years, as a mass transport hub will be built in connection to the Kalasatama metro station. And that’s not the only thing that is expected to change as Kalasatama begins to take shape over coming years: the new seaside neighborhood has the power to impact a variety Kalasatama will be a smart city district. Hannu Asikainen, Kalasatama Project Director. 44 Nordicum of issues, and Vallila is sure to benefit from such a high-profile neighbour. Kalasatama – Seaside Splendour But what is it exactly that makes Kalasatama so great? Well, it all starts with great seaside views and great connectivity. Located along the eastern shores of the core city area, Kalasatama is just minutes away from downtown. Effective public transport – spearheaded by the Kalasatama metro station – and the central location make Kalasatama an alluring prospect for residents and companies alike. For example: if you fancy a stroll by the sea, there is a six-kilometre promenade right by the shore. Project Director Hannu Asikainen believes that, upon completion, Kalasatama will be a “simply tremendous” area for everyone. “The area is still being developed, but there’s already a strong community spirit, an attitude of doing things together,” he says. The development of the Kalasatama district will continue well into the 2030s, and, eventually, the district will feature 20,000 residents and 8,000 jobs. Today, Kalasatama is already home to about 2,000 residents. Mini-Manhattan in the Making Kalasatama will also feature high-rise construction of unprecedented verticality: The Health tech has made a big impact in Vallila. Development Manager Minna Maarttola. Kalasatama Centre, known as REDI, will consist of eight tower blocks which will feature 20–35 storeys (the highest tower reaching 132 metres). The towers will be complemented by a versatile commercial centre as well as a nearby social and healthcare centre. “REDI will be a strong anchor for the community and the commercial functions will go well beyond what people expect from a regular shopping centre,” Asikainen