Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 45

1 km Pasila Pasila Pasila Pasila asila asil asi i Vall la Vallila Vallila Vallila Vallila al Kal KalaKala Kalaala satama satam satama ata ta tam am Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki elsink elsin elsinki lsin lsin lsin si City Cen City Centre City Centre City Centre it Centr it Cen ent entre e FINLAND High Times Beyond Tripla, Central Pasila will also feature plenty of residential development – and ambitious high-rise construction. There are plans for as many as ten towers in the area, with both offices and residential space in the works. According to Puumalainen, the City has been working hard to come up with a working “pipeline” for high-rise construction and that is now bearing fruit. Similarly, the City has been able to fine-tune the process of realising big urban development pro- Companies recognise the appeal of the emerging Central Pasila and therefore want to go there. Pasila Project Manager Niina Puumalainen. jects such as Tripla in a more sensible manner. “We have a solid blueprint to see us through the process,” confirms Puumalainen. It never hurts that companies are very excited about Pasila, too, and eager to establish operations here. In fact, it is among the few places in the metropolitan area where you don’t have to consider – not even for a second – whether the location is good or not. Reinventing Vallila That’s not to say that the neighbouring Vallila is hard to reach. This enterprising district is a favourite of the companies of all sizes due to, largely, accessibility issues. Trams and buses form the backbone for public transport and the Pasila station is not too far either. Minna Maarttola comments that a lot of companies have cited convenient access to the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport as one of the reasons for coming to Vallila. “Vallila has increased its appeal of late, with big companies such as Amer Sports settling in the newly zoned Konepaja area. Major banks keep moving their operations here, too,” she says. There’s plenty of corporate history in the area 聙