Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 38

ade. “In fact, this is a good time to develop new service concepts. The economic situation forces you to think about all aspects and the end result will benefit from this,” he says. Green to the Core ‘Tapiola’ and ‘Ainoa’ are names straight out of the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, which celebrates the rich folklore of this Northern country. According to the legends, Tapiola is the court of the Forest King – and the upgraded version is decidedly “green” as well. Ainoa is clearly a shopping centre where the environmental approach is not mere words: the centre features the first remote cooling system in Espoo and the entire waste management process has been fine-tuned to meet strict standards. Eventually, the shopping centre will utilise an automatic waste transportation system where waste is whisked away by a pneumatic tube. “We already have that capacity built-in and the system will be deployed in 2016,” confirms Kirsi Borg. Vesa Immonen, the Managing Director of LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management, says that the development of Tapiola Commercial Centre remains a high priority for the company. “What makes Tapiola Centre unique is that it opens outwards, not just inwards like a regular shopping centre does,” Immonen says, while pointing out that the over-all brand of Tapiola is also in fine form – only in need of some polishing up. The One and Only According to Immonen, there is no place quite like Tapiola in the entire country. “When you have that type of solid, wellknown foundation, future development will only add to the appeal of the n ZY