Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 29

bour could double its current boat capacity to nearly 2,000. It is no secret that Finnoo is very attractive especially in the eyes of well-to-do folks – and could become a home for international high-performers who are accustomed to a certain level of luxury, as well. “Certainly there’s no harm in having a lot of purchasing power in the neighbour- hood,” Leivo comments. In addition to the super shoreline, Finnoo has other natural assets in its disposal, too: there will be nature sanctuaries, outdoor tracks and lush parks. Hungry for More Looking at the fresh new project, it is clear that the top management of Länsimetro Oy is extremely motivated to keep pushing west. Olavi Louko and Matti Kokkinen are aware that the finish line is far away, but the journey has already begun: “When we started work on the western metro five years ago, the goal seemed to be far away, too. Turns out, however, that time just flies when you’re building a metro,” Kokkinen smiles. Going West – selected highlights from the metro saga M etro was introduced to the Helsinki Metropolitan Region in 1982 which was the year the original metroline