Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 28

Photo: Cederqvist & Jäntti architects line: Finnoo. This station is a special case since there were plans to go ahead and realise it even if the “bonus stretch” plan fell through. But hearing Louko and Leivo speak very enthusiastically about this seaside neighbourhood, it is very easy to see why Finnoo is such a key piece in the City’s plans for the future. “From our point of view, Finnoo is the last remaining significant seaside area that is open for development. We are committed to making this ‘last shore’ truly great,” Louko says. Smart & Sustainable Kimmo Leivo is in charge of a very important community which could, ultimately, accommodate as many as 17,000 residents. Presently, the area is a bit of a “diamond in the rough”: there are old industrial zones in Finnoo and a lot of vacant areas that are used for no specific purpose. The City, however, has turned this to a distinct advantage: at Finnoo, things will be conducted very sustainably from day one and the City is confident that it can be very efficient in the execution. 26 Nordicum For instance, Espoo Mayor Jukka Mäkelä has promised that the new Finnoo will become a “sustainable, green maritime city of international standards” for all Espoo inhabitants. The City is also most eager to promote pedestrian and bicycle traffic, as well as energy efficiency and carbon neutral practices. According to Leivo, the City is also looking into a LEED or BREEAM certification for the area to make sure that no stone is left unturned in this quest for a green city. The Finnoo station is located in the area of the current water treatment plant. The future main street network and land use plans of the centre have been taken into account in the planning work. The actual location of the station and its entrances will be defined later as the land use plans will be specified. High Times According to the preliminary plans, the northern part of Finnoo will be largely defined by the coming metro station and its surroundings. There are plans which allow high-rise construction by the metro station: the highest of these towers could reach 30 storeys. “Finnoo could feature as many as 10,000 apartments by 2040,” Leivo says, adding that most of the residential buildings would be ready by 2030. The new-and-improved Finnoo is also looking to fully explore its access to the sea in the south. Presently, there is already an active boat harbour – accommodating 1,100 boats, it is the largest of its kind in the metropolitan area – and the harbour concept will be fine-tuned, as well. Under the Boardwalk The City is zoning a marina-type housing arrangement here, which means a high-quality, vibrant area, with a flybridge cruise through channel surrounded by boardwalks with restaurants and cafés. There will even be an artificial island with condominiums. “We really want to make the Marina area into something which hasn’t been seen in Finland ever before.” The actual boat har-