Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 27

Photo: Cederqvist & Jäntti architects for transportation. Louko comments that it all starts with the strong identity of the stations and that particular neighbourhood. “Solutions will be tailored for that specific community,” he outlines the plan. Kivenlahti – Superhub 2030? The year 2020 is still far away – and there’s no guarantees that the extension stretch is running by then – but we couldn’t resist “test-driving” the newcomer. The new endof-the-line, Kivenlahti, seems like the place to start – after all, it will draw in people from all directions (and well outside city limits) as they start their journey east in the morning. It will be convenient to drive to Kivenlahti Station with your own car and then hop into the metro, since there will 1 000 parking spots available there. According to the plans, the station will feature a bus terminal and link with a brand new pedestrian seaside boulevard. In the mind of Olavi Louko, Kivenlahti could be something “really big” one day: “The Länsiväylä freeway is right there, so it could conceivably be covered with a deck and an office/commercial centre could be constructed in a very good location.” Arriving to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area from the west and coming to Kivenlahti could be a real experience: a “gateway to the metropolitan area”. Project Director Kimmo Leivo from the City of Espoo is thinking along the same lines: “The connectivity at Kivenlahti is already pretty good, and the metro will add to that tremendously,” he says, pointing out that on the residential side, there will be a lot of new construction. In a perfect world, the area could see a big increase in both the number of jobs and residents. “What we need to do here is to achieve critical mass by having a player of considerable size in the area. This would attract, for instance, branch offices to the place,” Leivo says. Enter: Espoonlahti Moving east, there is the Espoonlahti station which will be located below shopping centre Lippulaiva. The shopping centre is already a great commercial anchor for the neighbourhood – add metro to the equa ѥ