Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 26

Photo: HKP Architects According to traffic predictions, Matinkylä – Kivenlahti metro connection will increase daily public transportation trips by 5,300 trips by 2035. The metro line will decrease both the use of private cars and buses. With regards to private cars owned by the citizens, there will be a decrease of 20,000 kilometres driven per day. This is equivalent of having 200–300 cars taken off the road entirely. The metro is scheduled to run every four minutes. According to estimates, 75,000 people will cross the border of Espoo and Helsinki everyday by metro in 2035. Garage space for cars is an issue especially at Finnoo, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti stations. The City promises to take into consideration all forms of feeder traffic: from busses and private cars to pedestrians and bicy24 Nordicum clists. The stations themselves should provide some “eye candy” too, as is the case with the original stretch. Emphasise the Experience Matti Kokkinen and Olavi Louko assess that the stations will deliver a totally new type of metro experience, each having, in a sense, a personality of their own. In fact, since a range of respected artists has been hired to work on the original stretch’s own designated stations – with artist Jaakko Niemelä coordinating the over-all effort – the same winning formula will probably be used in the realisation of the new stations. The City of Espoo wants to take the visual experience to a new level while preserving functionality: the stations promise to deliver “instant recognition”. This means that you can be sitting in the train and you need only to glance at the station you’re on and know immediately where you are. Obviously, the lighting of the stations plays a big role in the eventual userexperience. Therefore natural light will be exploited whenever possible and lighting solutions are aimed to promote accessibility and to prevent glare. Good lighting also goes a long way to boost safety which is also one of the key issues on the City’s list. Furthermore, all stations have been planned to be located as close to the surface as possible, minimising the need for long escalators and lift connections. Kokkinen and Louko promise that the continuation stretch will offer a memorable experience that will transcend the basic need