Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 23

energy with an objective to cover 80 % of the heating and cooling yearly. “There are 100 geothermal wells with a depth of 300 metres,” Liimatainen explains. a great end result. The shopping centre corridors are spacious and function well, even with lots of people.” Going Geo Shopping Centre Director Pasi Välimaa is equally impressed with the final result. “The atmosphere here is quite unique, thanks to the design that makes it possible to mix the old with the new so well,” Välimaa says, adding that many visitors have approached him and said that they can’t believe that there is now a world-class shopping centre in Pori! “It is apparent from the feedback that we have been able to preserve what people love about the old milieu and simply add the modern touch that is needed to make a great shopping experience.” Looking into the future, Juha Veistonen believes that the energy efficiency will be on a high level – already the geothermal solution looks like a real winner, even though seasonal modifications will be needed. Due to its central location and 2,000 parking spaces, the Puuvilla Shopping Centre will be within easy reach. The Centre is highly accessible by public transportation, foot or bicycle. Anchor tenants include K-citymarket, H&M and Stadium. Juha Veistonen, Technical Property Manager for Puuvilla, comments that the two-year construction project finished right on schedule. There were, of course, challenges that come with a century-old buildings and incomplete documentation. “The 3D modelling was in daily use, which helped the project along. Also the energy efficient solutions – such as geothermal energy and heat capture – are important for the final outcome,” he says. “Combining new and old has yielded Good Vibrations “We also expect that the building automation works well and that the solutions deployed here can take the challenges posed by time and varying demands.” So far, so good: the opening weekend worked like a charm, even with the unexpectedly high number of customers. Big Year Ahead Commercially speaking, Pasi Välimaa believes that the year 2015 will be a good one for the newcomer: the goal is to lure in five million customers for the year. When asked about the recipe of success in the future, Välimaa says that there is always demand for meeting places such a shopping centres – if you play your cards wisely. After all, people are always looking to go where the action is, visit a new café or a restaurant, check out the events sch