Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 19

Service Edge Business parks need to rededicate themselves to serving the customers once again, says Heikki Levo of Peab Invest Business parks can reach their true potential only if the developers learn to listen to the tenants – and listen well. Managing Director Heikki Levo of Peab Invest believes that a lot of the talk involving business parks revolves around issues that are of secondary importance. As generals are always busy fighting the previous war, so are the construction companies tied to reliving the past glories. “T he ways of working have changed so much that the only way to survive in this business is to get very close to the customer – find out his needs and wishes and come up with the solutions and services that really support his business in the best possible way.” But isn’t this what the developers and construction companies are doing – or at least claim that they are doing? – According to Levo, an industry veteran of 40 years, most construction companies are mostly concerned about putting up walls and roofs and doing a good job in the building depart- ment – but fall short when it comes to the over-all service concept. “It’s the whole operative environment that matters here. If you have a high-concept services package, the tenant will respond favourably to that, because he sees the extra effort that went into the planning and realisation of the concept,” says Levo, adding that as potential tenants take notice, so will the real estate investors. One Solution Fits All? Levo says that the days of standardised solutions – e.g. “this is the way a conference room must be and the cafeteria goes here” – are done in the industry, but not everyone has realised it yet. If solutions are not found on the shelf anymore, business parks will be developed with so much more freedom and creativity. “In all of this, it is crucial that both the premises and the services are as flexible as they can be,” Levo says, commenting that we don’t know what shape and form office work will take in, say, five years – but we can start preparing for that future today. For Peab, the new wave of business parks commenced in earnest with the launch of Moveres six years ago. Located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, Moveres Business Garden went on to grab LEED Silver Certificate – first LEED in the land. After that, Peab has stayed on the LEED path – but the “medals” keep getting brighter: Eventes Business Garden in Matinkylä, Espoo was awarded with LEED Gold and the new Ultimes Business Garden is going for platinum. Reinventing the Garden Peab Invest has had an idea, for years, to create a concept that attracts tenants and investors, but also such that can be successfully multiplied. The new, clarified Business Garden concept is being tried out in Ultimes Business Garden with Peab’s partners and tenants and it will be in operation in spring 2016. Ultimes Business Garden will shine due to its ability to mix both work life and leisure activities, all in line with a low-cost total service package in maintenance services, offered by ISS Palvelut Oy. “But what really differentiates Business Garden concept in the market is our well-thought total wellbeing concept. We in Peab Invest see that the total wellbeing of employees offers the businesses a good step ahead and helps them to reach the set goals better,” says Levo. According to Levo, the Business Garden concept is just warming up: “We have plans ready for four more.” Nordicum 17 Nordicum Nordicum 17